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How Can I AOL Shield Download

Isn’t it alluring to use an advanced version of browser which offers you complete security and keep you safe from all kinds of online threats? Yes! We are talking about AOL Shield Download. AOL has launched an advanced browser version safer than ever before to browse the internet. This browser is highly capable to protect the sensitive information of users from cyber attacks like keyloggers, malware and virus attacks, spyware, etc. So, if you are looking for a web browser that offers your complete security against the online threats, go for AOL Shield Download. This browser will provide you complete protection with its advanced security features. Thus you do not need to worry about anything while browsing the internet.

From shopping to banking to entertainment, almost everything is online. So, it becomes very important to use a secure browser to protect your sensitive information while accessing the internet. Download AOL Shield will provide you browsing protection that enables you to surf the internet without any hassle.  By chance, if any problem occurs, AOL Shield will recover the damage in no-time caused by cyber threats.

How to Download AOL Shield?

For AOL Shield Browser Download, you have to visit the AOL official site and from there you can download this browser.  There are some specific instructions that users need to follow to complete the download and installation process. If the user faces any technical issues during the downloading process, they can contact AOL Support team to rectify the problem.

Why AOL Shield is safer to use than any other web browser?

If you Install AOL Shield, you can access the following advanced security features which are very important to keep your browsing experience safe from the miscellaneous online activities.

Anti Phishing

  • PhishLock technology – This technology protects the user’s identity and keep them safe from data theft issues. Whenever the user navigates to the phishing website, AOL Shield will block that website from loading.
  • Blacklisting Protection – This feature lists the Phishing website in Blacklist, so the user won’t be able to access that website.

Advanced Security Protection

  • Anti-KeyLogging – Window Hook Protection: This technique helps in preventing  the malware from listening to the messages sent to the window application which saves the user from  malware effects
  • Kernel Level Keylogging Protection – This Patented technology of AOL Shield Download prevent from being keystrokes when the user clicks any key on the keyboard.

Crypto and Networking API Protection

AOL shield browser offers the Crypto and Networking API Protection to users. This feature enables the web browser to remove the hooks that malware automatically installs on the user’s system.

At last, we can say that it is a good choice to Download AOL Shield browser on the Desktop as it offers you complete protection and security from the different online attacks, especially if actively use the internet services. Thus if the users have AOL Shield on their system, they can safely browse the internet without getting worried about the security.

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