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How to Fix brother printer won’t turn on

Brother Printer Not Turning on

Many of the users face this issue. When they are about to start their day in the office with some important work at hand, their Brother Printer Won’t Turn On. This leaves them completely stranded looking all around for solutions to get their printing documents tasks back on track. This situation with the Brother printer undoubtedly is quite annoying unless it gets resolved as quickly and it can be.

Of course, there are quite a few reasons that can cause this error which include damaged hardware problems, power button malfunctioning, damaged cable wires, damaged ink cartridges, loose connection, paper jams, etc.

How to Fix Brother Printer won’t Turn On?

Here we will be providing five detailed procedures to fix the issue of the Brother printer won’t turn on. So, follow and implement them accordingly as mentioned below and resolve this printer error:

Procedure 1 – Disconnect and Connect the Power Cable

The first thing that you should do is to disconnect and connect the power cable from the printer. Sometimes, due to the loose connections can appear this error on the device. So, ensure that, the connections are properly connected to the printer as well as the power module. If not, then reconnect them. To do that follow these steps hereunder:

  1. Remove the cable from the Brother printer and also the power outlet. 
  2. Wait for a few seconds
  3. After that, connect the printer power cable to the power outlet and then press the Power button on the Brother printer to check if the power light indicator starts blinking or not. 

Procedure 2 – Check the Power Cable and Printer’s Power Button

Sometimes, the “Brother printer won’t turn on” error can occur if the power cable is damaged. Therefore, you should check if the power cable is damaged or not. Unplug the power cable from the power outlet and check for any noticeable damages. If you find any damage, then replace it as soon as possible.  

After checking the power cable, you need to check if the Brother printer’s Power button is damaged or not. If yes, then try to repair it immediately. 

Procedure 3 – Clean the Printer

Sometimes, if you encounter any short circuit there are changes that your cartridge is leaking. Thus, it recommended to clean it nicely. After doing this, check if the problem has been resolved or not.

Procedure 4 – Check the Cartridge & Print Head

Remove the Printhead and inspect the printhead. If the cartridge has dried and you are still printing documents and performing the printer cleaning cycle, the printer might overheat and the print nozzles can catch fire. 

So, take off the print head and disconnect the power for at least one hour. After one an hour, switch on the printer without installing the print head. Once you are done, check if it solves the issue or not.

Procedure 5 – Disconnect the USB

If the previous procedures did not help you then you can try to disconnect the USB connector, which is located at the back of the Brother printer. After disconnecting it, try to turn on the printer and check if the Brother printer opens and works normally. 

These were the five procedures in which you can easily resolve the issue of “Brother printer won’t turn on”. Go through these procedures carefully and perform it one-by-one to get rid of this problem on the device.

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