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Why My Canon printer won’t turn on

How do I Fix My Canon Printer it won’t turn on?

Facing power issues with Canon printers is not a common issue, usually, it occurs because of some physical fault. Instances occur when you encounter issues like the Canon printer not turning on. This can occur at any point in time and can lead to the temporary restriction of the services. You may require using various methods to fix the issue, but before that, you should first understand the reasons behind the problem. A faulty power cord or power source is an uncommon but possible cause of this issue. You need to check for all possible reasons and then look for the exact solution to get rid of the issue.

Reason behind Canon Printer not Turning ON

If you are consistently getting power ON issues with your printer, then you need to look for some permanent solution. Before that you need to know the exact cause, so to help you with this we have listed some of the common reasons below, check them out.

  • No Power Condition
  • Low Power Supply
  • Wrong Power Supply Configuration
  • Adapter Problems
  • Use of Different Adapter
  • Faulty Power Cord

These are some of the most common reasons that cause the Canon printer not turning on issue. Now to get rid of the issue, use the below-given methods.

  1. Check for Power 

The power has a soft touch and you need to take care of this, software may prevent the switch from operating if the switch is held down for some seconds. This can also happen if the printer access or doors are open. In such cases, try restarting your printer, unplug all cables and wait for 30 seconds. After that, plug all cables and cords. For larger printers, you may get a physical power switch near the access panel or power cord.

  1. Faulty Power Cord

The power cord is one of the prime things needed for connection and if this cord is faulty then nothing will work. It is easy to check the power cable condition and if it seems faulty then change it as soon as possible. You may require to buy a new one according to the model of your printer. The faulty power cord is not common but it is possible so it would be better that you keep a check of it. Sometimes the cable is faulty and you remain engaged in finding other things.

  1. Printer Power Supply Configuration

The configuration of every printer is a little bit different, some large printers have attached power cord that can’t be removed. Whereas some printer’s power can easily be detached. This is similar to a small printer but the AC adapter needs to be connected with the wall power outlet. These settings and configurations may differ depending on the type of printer model.

  1. Printer Adapter

The adapters are of various types like external AC adapter and built-in AC adapter. With the built-in power supply adapter, the cord may not be removable. It needs to be connected with the wall outlet and you need to ensure no condition with this creates a restriction in turning ON the printer. You can check for their cord issues, replace the original cord with a new one to ensure whether it is faulty or not. In the case of external adapters, you can use the same approach.

These are some of the best methods that resolve the query: how do I fix my Canon printer it won’t turn on. Try using each method and check for the issue resolved or not and if the issue remains, then try repeating the steps.

Canon MX922 Printer Troubleshooting when it won’t Print?

Why Won’t Canon MX922 Print?

There can be a gamut of reasons that leads to the Canon mx922 printer not responding or not printing. The process of Canon mx922 troubleshooting is simple, but first, we should know why such issues take place.

  • An outdated version of drivers
  • Paper Jam
  • Your printer is offline
  • Printhead issues
  • Internet connectivity issues

These are some of the common reasons that cause the Canon mx922 printer, not responding problems.

Canon MX922 Printer Troubleshooting when it is not responding:

The issue can be because of many reasons, so before troubleshooting the issue, you need to confirm what exactly the issue is. By identifying the correct issue helps you to find the exact solution for Canon mx922 troubleshooting.

In most cases, the bad communication between the computer and printer causes the not responding problem. Follow the steps for Canon mx922 troubleshooting when it’s not responding.

  • In your printer touch panel, click on the “Setup” button and navigate to the LAN setup. Now click on OK and touch easy install.
  • You may also need to set your preferences by selecting OK.
  • Now touch Access Point and enter your Wi-Fi password, and then click OK.
  • Take your setup CD and insert it in your PC, click on easy install, and then to “Install.”
  • Select your device name and then click Next.
  • Now, wait 2 minutes and then start printing and ensure to connect the USB cable correctly to your printer.
  • Also, ensure that your printer is not in an inactive or sleep state, that’s it.

Canon MX922 Won’t Print Troubleshooting Guide.

Suppose you face some printer issues like the Canon mx922 printer not responding or any other. You need to look for some basic settings before taking any technical steps to fix it.

Paper Jam: Sometimes, this is the only reason that printers won’t print or stop responding. You should check for any stuck debris or paper inside the printer. Just check the input and output tray to confirm the paper jam.

Ink Cartridges: Most of the ink cartridges are the reasons that Canon MX922 Won’t Print; this can be because they are empty or it’s time to change them. You also need to check for all loose connections and ensure that you installed the cartridges properly.

Printhead: This can also be one of the major reasons among all, you just need to keep the printhead clean.

Check Sleep or Inactive mode: There is always a high possibility that your printer is set on sleep or inactive mode, you need to turn it ON and disable the sleep mode. This can easily help in Canon mx922 troubleshooting when it’s not responding.

Keep check of all these important points whenever you face any issues with the printer. Remember to keep all connections tight and drivers updated.

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