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How to Activate Microsoft Office without Product Key?

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2016 without Product Key? This tutorial teaches you how to activate Microsoft Office 2016 without product key on PC. If you have an Office 365 paid subscription to you don’t need to activate Office, you can sign in with your Microsoft account in order to use Office 365. If you bought a […]

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How do I unblock Adobe Flash content in my browser?

What to do if Adobe Flash content is blocked? 1. Unblock Flash in Edge For example, Adobe Flash Player is blocked in Microsoft Edge even if the browser configured to utilize the plug-in. Edge will include an Enable Flash option on websites that use Flash. In order to unblock Adobe Flash content, you need to select either Always […]

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Quick Fix: Google Maps not talking in Android

If you’re on holiday in a foreign city, you probably rely heavily on Google Maps. So, the last thing you want is something to go wrong. But it could happen. For example, Google Maps might suddenly stop showing directions or telling you where to go. In case you stop hearing voice directions from Google Maps, you’ll probably […]

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How To Fix Google Chrome Black Screen Issues

Google’s Chrome is one of the most-used browsers available at the moment, but this isn’t to say that it is perfect. In fact, Chrome has been notorious for having various issues such as high memory consumption. Another set of issues that has been plaguing users for a while is that it can sometimes display a […]

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Fix Slow Page Loading In Google Chrome

Why chrome slow loading pages Wouldn’t you like to know everything? Since the issue can be different for different users as each user have a different environment and setup, so pinpointing the exact reason might not be possible. But the major reason for slow page loading speed in Chrome might have to do with virus […]

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How to Install Google Chrome in Windows 10

In our present modern world which is governed by computers and mobile devices in almost every aspect of life- from businesses, academics and even in the field of health as well as in the workplaces that we get indulged with each day, the need of a tool that can browse through millions of websites currently […]

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How to Uninstall Office 365 Windows 10

UPDATED 6/26: After installing the suite of Office apps on your Windows 10 installation, you may have a lot of reasons to uninstall the apps. Perhaps, you’re trying to free up a license of Office 365 (or Office 2019/2016) for another computer, things may not be working correctly and you’re trying to reinstall the software to fix any issues, you […]