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Why My HP Printer Won’t Turn on

Is your printer malfunctioning and HP printer won’t turn on? It is very annoying if the printer suddenly shuts down in the middle of your important work and no matter how many times you try, it does not respond to any of your efforts. 

This can be due to many reasons. Hardware problems are a probable cause but you have to consider each and every factor that could be responsible for this issue. You need to know what are the necessary steps that you can take to resolve this problem.

If you want to print some important office documents for personal or professional purpose, then the best choice that any person can go for is HP printers as it is a multifunctional printer.

HP is the most trustworthy partner to various organizations in many ways. Moreover, its printer products are highly durable. However, there are some of the users who have come across the issue of HP printer won’t turn on. This problem can be solved by reading the article below.

How to Deal with HP Printer Won’t Turn on Issue?

These are some of the directions that you must follow if you wish to solve your problem of HP printer won’t turn on.

Step 1: Connect the Printer to a Power Source

Firstly, you are required to connect the power wire of your HP printer to a power source. After that, you need to turn on your HP printer by pressing the power button. Then, wait for some time so that the power light of the printer starts flashing.

If the power light does not blink, then, in that case, you will have to press the ‘turn on’ button again. Sometimes HP printers take a little bit of time to start. So you will have to wait patiently until the printer actually starts.

hp printer will not turn onNote: you must keep in mind that you don’t have to hold the power button for a long duration or else it will get turned off again.

Step 2: Check If There are Any Damages in the HP Printer Power Wire

In the next step, you will have to remove the HP printer cable from the power source, and then you will have to see if there are any damages. In case you see that any part of the power cable is damaged, then you will have to replace the wire by going to the service center.

You will see that the power cable is connected to the power module which looks like a laptop adapter. Disconnect the power module from the printer and then connect the printer back to the power source. In case the green light of the power module does not turn on, then in such a case you can take assistance from HP printer team for getting rid of this problem.

hp printer won't turn on

Step 3: Check If the Power Wire is Properly Connected or Not

Now, in the third step to solve the problem of HP printer won’t turn on, you will have to reconnect the HP printer once again to a power source to ensure that the power cable is properly connected to the power module. In case, you come across any kind of problem after turning on your printer, then you can try connecting your printer wire to some other power source.

If the printer turns on after changing the power source, then that means there was a default in the power outlet. So, in such a case you can solve your problem of HP printer won’t turn on by changing the power source.

hp printer not turning on

Step 4: Disconnect the USB Wire

If after following the above mentioned 3 steps, your HP printer does not turn on, then in that case, then you will have to try disconnecting your USB connector, which is placed at the back of your HP printer.

Then, you will be required to turn your printer on. If the printer starts after disconnecting the USB cable, then it can be because of the printer. So, you must consider the option of removing or replacing the USB wire.

hp printer not turning on

Step 5: Set Your HP Printer As Default Printer

Are you sending your print jobs to the wrong printer? Let’s check!

Usually when you send a print request Windows will send that print job to what is called the default printer. If your printer is all hooked up but nothing is printing it could be that your HP Printer is not set to default in Windows.

So all your printing requests are not going to your printer but into a blank void of no return. Let’s check that and make sure your HP is Default Printer.

1. Go to your Windows Control Panel and select “Devices and Printers”

Your control panel can be reached by typing “Control Panel” in the search bar on Windows 10 or in older versions of windows press Window logo key and “R” key on your keyboard at the same time to open the Run dialog. In this dialog, type “control” and hit Enter. This will open Control Panel in most Windows operating systems.
control panel
devices and printers

2. Find your HP Printer in the list of printing devices, make sure its the one you are having issues with. Right click on that printer and select “Set as default printer” from the drop-down menu. If there is a confirmation prompt please make sure you click “Yes”.
Set as default printer

You should now see a nice little green check mark below the icon of your HP printer, this means its now the default printer for Windows.
default printer
Go give your printing a try to see if that helped you!

Step 6: HP Printer Troubleshooting

So, ummmm. Are the lights on and is it plugged in? 

It doesn’t hurt to ask. There are some really easy troubleshooting items you can do to make sure you can print to your HP printer if it stops working or has never worked.

First, check the connection cables from the wall power to the HP printer power connector. Then, check the cabling from your printer to the Windows PC it might be connected too, is the USB cable firmly in place on both ends?

If there is a network cable running to the HP printer for HP network printing make sure that Ethernet cable is snug and check your manual to see if there should be lights blinking to indicate a network connection.

Are there lights on at the front of your HP printer? If they are not and the printer doesn’t look to be powered on, try unplugging it and plugging it back in. Then make sure you press the power on button on the printer itself.  If the light still don’t come on maybe try another power plug in your home just in case that outlet is out.

If nothing works and your printer just won’t power on, then you may need to take it to a service center or contact HP support directly for hardware assistance.

It is very easy to resolve the issue of HP printer won’t turn on by simply following the steps that are given above. In case you come across any issue while following the process that is given above, then you must get in touch with HP printer team. By doing so you will receive an accurate and immediate response to your problem.

Here, we are available with a detailed solution, where you will be need to follow certain steps. If you struggle with the problem of HP printer won’t turn on even after following the steps, then there is nothing to worry as in such a case you can obtain assistance from HP printer team. By dialing their customer service, you can obtain support from their expert team members. They will resolve your issue in a hassle-free manner and that too instantly.

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